The Center for Scholarly Technology (CST) assists USC faculty and academic staff (including instructional support staff) in effectively and efficiently integrating instructional technology tools and practices into their courses. As part of this mission, we provide training and documentation for:

Mobile Technologies

From smartphones to tablets, mobile technologies and devices are now a regular part of campus life. CST explores effective ways to incorporate these items as tools in the classroom.

Clickers and Polling

Portable, hand-held response systems, commonly known as clickers, are used to query students to gauge their understanding of concepts and material presented during class. Responses are instantaneously collected and displayed to students to enhance discussion and increase comprehension.


A webcam and specialized software allow faculty to collaborate with peers and teach students at multiple locations around the world.

Video Editing

Applications enabling instructors to create, edit, and publish video projects have the potential to increase student engagement as well as effectiveness in teaching.