Video Editing

Video editing applications have become much more affordable and easy to use over the past decade. Products range from high-end desktop editing platforms such as Avid and Final Cut to consumer-level tools such as iMovie. A significant number of applications are even available on mobile devices for quick, easy editing and uploading to online video communities. To learn more about individual applications, please visit USC’s online video training page.

A notable development in recent years is the creation of online video editing platforms, including Kaltura and WeVideo. They provide not only ample storage space and online editing capabilities, but also tools for commenting and sharing that facilitate remote collaboration with others. You can also read the case study of USC Shoah Foundation’s iWitness program, which enables users to collaborate online using video editing tools.

USC does not yet offer a central video platform to enable storage, sharing, editing, or distribution of video content for USC students, faculty, and staff. However, the Center for Scholarly Technology has been leading a campus-wide initiative, Video@USC, with the goal of seeking an optimal video environment for USC’s academic community. Please click here for more information on Video@USC.